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Antler is unique

Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that turns the world's top talent into great founders of great companies. We help create and curate a portfolio of exceptional companies by helping them with the right team, advisory and capital.

  • Top Talent - We evaluate and select the top 3% founders to build businesses with us.

  • Hand-on support in building businesses - Our team of partners and advisors support founders heavily in identifying the world’s top opportunities to address.

  • We know our teams prior to investing - We work directly with our founders for 2 months before deciding to back them, and we identify founding teams that have a high chance of success.

  • Diversification -  Antler funds offer exposure to ca. 200 early-phase companies, of which statistically 2-4 companies may reach Unicorn status.

  • Early Access - as we co-found the companies together with the founders, we get in at an early phase and at an attractive valuation

Antler solves the biggest problems of entrepreneurship

Antler curates a winning portfolio of disruptive companies by addressing the causes of failure.

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Who Antler supporTs

The companies we build and invest in address the world's biggest opportunities and challenges – these are some of the opportunities we are particularly excited about:

  • Consumer Technology - Consumer products, e-commerce, FinTech

  • Enterprise Companies - SaaS, Logistics and transport, environment and energy

  • Life Science and health - Biotech, digital health preventative healthcare

  • Robotics - Autonomous vehicles, safety & environment, drones

  • Deep tech - A.I, blockchain, advanced materials and chemicals

Antler is global

Antler is establishing itself on a global scale and has cohorts running in Singapore and Stockholm, with plans to launch programs in Amsterdam, London and Sydney in H1 2019.

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