We enable great founders


Our mission

Turn the world’s best talent into great founders of great companies.

We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better.



Why join Antler?


Research done by Harvard shows that second-time entrepreneurs are twice as successful at building companies than first-time entrepreneurs.  We asked ourselves, why? 

The answer is simple; they have access to better cofounders, better access to capital, and a better network of advisors and mentors.

Antler provides every founder with access to these key ingredients to help them build great companies the first time. 


Better Co-Founders

One of the top reasons startups fail is they have the wrong co-founding team.  Antler gives you access to talented, driven and experienced co-founders and helps you hand build teams to build a strong foundation from day one.

access to funding

Finding capital to launch your company can take time, and take away from you focusing on executing your vision.  Antler gives you immediate access to cash so your team can focus on what matters - execution.

global MENTOR network

Having the right team of advisors can make all the difference.  Antler’s global mentors are here to provide expertise and guidance to help you succeed.  Our advisors come from Google, Spotify, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, McKinsey and more.


Founders we want


Business experts

Our business founders carry deep knowledge of the business value chain and can help companies execute and grow effectively.  

We are looking for business founders with experience across a wide range of business functions or with deep knowledge in a specific area, e.g. a proven growth marketing expert.


product experts

Our product founders are visionaries in product and software to help companies quickly and effectively build technology.

We are looking for product founders with experience both building and managing product launches and rollouts who can help their companies build world class technology.


Domain experts

Our domain founders bring a depth of knowledge unlike other founders, with Masters and PhDs in a wide variety of applied sciences.

We are looking for domain founders with deep and proven expertise in technology and applied science fields that can bring intellectual property and innovation to their companies.


What we provide for our founders


We help you meet the right co-founders, find the right business idea, and help develop your business. Our program and competitive selection process ensures you have the best, most talented co-founders in your cohort.  


I. Talent Sourcing

(Pre-program) We source talent who wish to build world changing companies. We carefully vet all applicants to ensure that we have the right diversity of talent to support the creation of superior founding teams.


II. Concept and teams

The Antler team and our global network of mentors and partner companies work with you to build your co-founding team and the right idea. During this period you receive a personal grant of $4,000 USD per month.


III. Company Building

We invest in co-founding teams with a validated idea for a small equity stake in your company. Teams turn their ideas into products and bring them to market with support from the Antler team and mentors.


IV. SCALING And fundraising

(Post-program) Co-founding teams pitch to our investor network and prepare for further scaling. As Antler alumni you enjoy continued support to further grow your company post-program.




What people are saying about Antler

"ADDO AI is excited about the opportunities that Antler creates for great talent to build disruptive companies utilizing Artificial Intelligence."

Ayesha Khanna - CEO & Co-Founder of ADDO AI

"Antler brings a much needed addition the the Southeast Asian venture builder space, focusing on building global, investor-ready companies using best practices, best-of-breed mentors and resources."

Will Klippgen - Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Cocoon Capital

"Antler fills the missing link in the new business continuum. So often passionate aspiring entrepreneurs have just the start of a highly disruptive idea or tremendous skill but need a co-founder with a great idea. Antler will guide these founders and help them build great companies."

John Riady - Director of Lippo Group

"Antler is addressing market inefficiencies and enables great founders by attracting top talent, providing access to funding and helping companies scale quickly."

Mikael Krogh - Managing Partner & Founder of Investigate