Antler helps founders build great companies


Stop dreaming, start building

The opportunity for founders across the globe to change the world is more prominent than ever



Close to four billion additional people will be connected online over the next decade, and the impact of IoT on the global economy is estimated to be upwards of USD $6 trillion by 2025.


NEW markets

We are witnessing the most rapid expansion of the global middle-class ever, with the majority of growth taking place in emerging economies.



Availability of low-cost, high impact technologies (e.g. cloud, SaaS, app stores) enable companies to scale rapidly with lower initial capital investments. Time needed to make an impact is several orders of magnitude lower than only a decade ago.



Half of the Fortune 500 companies have been replaced since the millennium. 60 years ago, the average company lifespan in the Fortune 500 was more than 50 years – now it is approximately 12 years.

We're focused on making it easy for founders to build their company


No Market Need

Many companies struggle to find customers early on.  Our team of global advisors, mentors, and partner companies ensure founders build companies with a clear market and value proposition.

ran out of cash

Finding money can be hard to new companies, and spending months just looking for funding means less focus on execution.  Our founders get instant access to cash to build their vision.

not the right team

Building an amazing team is hard.  We bring great founders together and provide guidance to help develop the strongest team possible.

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Don't just think about it. Do it.

If you want to start your own company - we can help you get started.

Many exceptionally talented people want to start a company of their own but never actually do. Building disruptive and innovative companies that will change the world is inherently risky; with substantial opportunity costs and barriers to entry.

At Antler, we provide you with the infrastructure to build and scale your company. Not only will you receive a grant to cover your costs while you find the right co-founding team, but also access to work with our internal network and resources, connect with investors, work with our advisors and experts to help you grow your company.