Build your next company with Antler


Join us in Stockholm in 2019

We enable the world’s best talent to become great founders of great companies.

We match co-founders to build strong teams, provides funding from day one and connects them with a global network of successful founders and domain experts. We are now accepting applications for our cohort starting in the beginning of 2019 in Stockholm. 

Stop dreaming, start building

We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better. To join Antler you apply as an individual, not a team and we assess you, not your ideas.

For the first two months of the program, we give you an individual grant. When you have a solid team and a validated idea, we will invest into your company for a small equity stake. Ultimately, it’s your company and we’re here to help you get things off the ground. 

We give you office space and support you hands-on with coaching, office hours with experienced venture partners and mentors and more. We're not here to do your job. We're here to let you focus on what founders do best, spending time with their customers and to build an amazing product and team.


One of the main reasons startups fail is they have the wrong co-founding team.  We give you access to talented, driven and experienced co-founders to build a strong foundation from day one.



Finding capital to launch your company takes time and steals your focus.  We provide funding from day one to so you can focus on what matters most – execution.



Having the right team of advisors can make a big difference.  Our global mentors are here to provide expertise and guidance to help you succeed.  Our advisors come from Google, Spotify, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, McKinsey and more.

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