We put founders first



What we do

Our hands-on approach enables top talents to team up with the right co-founders and develop and scale their ideas.

Our program consists of four phases:

I. Talent Sourcing    II. Concept & Teams    III. Company Building    IV. Scaling & Fundraising


i. Talent sourcing


We source talent who wish to build world changing companies, and carefully vet all applicants to ensure that we have the right diversity of talent to support the creation of superior founding teams.

We dedicate significant resources to ensuring we attract only the best and most motivated talent to join us. The program targets professionals, students, and self-taught “geeks” – there is no minimum background requirement to be eligible to apply. Talents either apply online or are referred to us by program alumni and Venture Partners.

Selection: Talents go through a highly competitive selection process which includes interviews and hackathons assessing leadership potential, drive, problem-solving capabilities, and technical expertise. 


ii. Concept and teams

(Duration: 2 months) 

Together with other talents, the Antler team, and our global network of partner companies and institutions, you will bounce ideas off one another to find your co-founding team and the company idea to build.

You will get to know the other talents and form a founding team of your choice, based on similar interests and complementary skill sets. Company ideas will come from you, other founders, the Antler team and our Venture Partners. In addition, we partner with many large companies across our regions, who offers site visits and knowledge sharing to help you understand the biggest challenges and opportunities they face. This iterative process - where you get to spend time on considering various co-founding teams and ideas to build - helps ensure that you form the right co-founding team and are working together on ideas that you are truly excited about. 

In addition to finding your team and idea, we educate our founders through a series of weekly sessions on important areas of starting a business. Through Antler, we discuss topics such as product development, financial modeling, coding, marketing, and legal and intellectual property.

Team and Idea: Co-founding teams with a business idea proceed to the next phase. Antler invests $100k USD (amounts vary from region to region) for a 10% equity stake in each company. To cover the cost of the program, all companies invested in are required to pay a $40k USD program fee.



(Duration: 3 months) 

Working closely with both the Antler team and our global network of Venture Partners, your co-founding team develops a proof of concept and begin scaling your company.

Depending on the type of ideas, you work on developing a prototype, minimum viable product, or work towards obtaining your first customer. The focus is on producing the potential and viability of the idea.

With Antler, you learn the critical skills to create proof of concepts, business scaling, product management, prototyping and customer validation, fundraising, and pitching to investors. 

Pitch at Demo Day: At the end of the program, your team will have the opportunity to pitch to a select group of leading investors to secure seed funding to support further company growth. 




As Antler alumni you enjoy continued support to further grow your company post-program. 

Post Demo Day, the Antler team supports your team in closing your seed funding round. We also bring alumni companies to our US global hub, to introduce your company to the US market and its investors. Furthermore, we continue to offer commercial support and introductions to partners and customers. You and your team will also have the opportunity to continue to use several Antler resources at cost (legal, HR services, accounting, etc.)

Through our global alumni talent platform, we help you connect with investors, advisors and other talents. For founders who choose to consider alternative paths, our network helps you connect with numerous new opportunities. 

We support your start-up journey

We give you office space throughout the program and support you hands-on with coaching, office hours with experienced venture partners and mentors. We assist you with legal, finance and other administrative tasks and connect you with corporates, experts and potential investors.