Our Core Values

Founders First. Build for Impact. Move Fast & Learn. Own Our Decisions. Build Our People.

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1) Founders First

• Maximize founders’ success.

• Bring in the best talent and create an unrivalled environment for building great companies.

• Bring founders the full power of our global platform.

2) Build for Impact

• Build companies with a greater vision

• Enable founders to go beyond their limits

• Instill speed and ambition in founding teams

3) Move fast & learn

• Done is better than perfect (except when perfect is needed)

• Every outcome is a learning opportunity

• We set ambitious goals to push us further than we thought possible

4) Own our decisions

• Make data driven decisions based on explicit principles

• Act as owners with the highest level of accountability

• We speak up and voice our view - but commit and execute when decisions are made

5) Build our people

• We develop one another through apprenticeship, feedback and mentoring

• We are a meritocratic and do-ocratic company

• We communicate decisions and objectives to everyone

• We embrace diversity and differences in backgrounds, lifestyles and working styles