Invest in our pre-seed funds

Through the Antler funds, our investors invest into a diversified portfolio of high-growth technology companies at an attractive valuation.

Why are the Antler companies an attractive investment?

  • Top talent: We evaluate and select the top 3% founders to build businesses with us. These founders quit jobs with Google, Facebook, Uber, renowned research institutions and world leading universities to join the Antler programs.

  • Hands-on support in building businesses: Our team of partners and advisors support founders heavily in identifying the world’s top opportunities to address. We ensure that founder teams work to build businesses with a mission and with high demand.

  • We know our teams prior to investing: we work directly with our founders for 2 months before deciding to back them, and we identify founding teams that have a high chance of success.

  • Diversification: the Antler funds offer exposure to ca. 200 early-phase companies, of which statistically 2-4 companies may reach Unicorn status.

  • Early access: as we co-found the companies together with the founders, we get in at an early phase and at an attractive valuation.

Invest in any of our regional funds and join the exciting journey our founders are on. By investing in founders we've carefully selected and gotten to know over two months of intense work, we believe we have a great advantage in selecting the best ones. We're backing the next generation of successful startups before anyone else, sign up below to join us.

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