Our Investments

We don’t need funding, can we still get your advice?

If we have the time, we're happy to meet you for a coffee and share our advice. But you can't be part of our cohort if we can't invest in your business.


What is the program fee for?

The program fee covers office space and resources provided during the 6 months of the program. These include access to our global mentor and investor networks, structured mentorship by the Antler team and venture partners and connections to our global corporate network. We also provide partner benefits (with google, amazon, paypal among others), matchmaking with co-founders, and access to exclusive events.


We have already raised funding, can we still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. Most companies are founded during the program, but great founders with an existing business in the early stages can still apply to join Antler.

If your company has significant traction, you may be considered for entry into the acceleration track directly. Contact Chia at chiajy@antler.co with a copy of your pitch deck for consideration for direct entry into the acceleration track.


Why does Antler take equity in the companies?

We invest into your company, and for that investment amount we get a small share of ownership. Co-founders retain the majority of their company.

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