What happens at Antler?
The Antler program is a talent platform for selected talent that want to start and scale great companies. Please visit Why Antler for more details about our program. If you have additional questions, please contact us at hello@antler.co.


Do participants receive compensation?

Yes – founders in the program receive a monthly payment during the first stage of the program to help them cover their costs.


Do I have to team up with co-founder(s) during the program?
We prefer that our founders come together to form founding teams. Data shows that teams are much stronger than individuals at starting successful companies.


Why does Antler take equity in the companies?
Antler takes equity in companies to ensure that our incentives are aligned. We want to support talented founders before, during and after the program. With Antler, our Venture Partners and the founders all having the same incentive to help the companies grow, founders feel confident that we are dedicated to helping them succeed.



Who can apply?
We accept applications from all geographies and backgrounds. There are no minimum requirements other than age (minimum 18 years of age).


How can I apply?

You can apply through our Apply page.


What is needed to apply?
Applying is straightforward through our Apply page. We want to get to know you and your motivation for joining Antler – all you need to do is to answer a few questions.


Do I need to send in a business plan?
No, you don’t. Some founders have a clear idea of what they want to build in our program; however, most join us with areas of interest and expertise and, spend the first part of the program developing ideas and connecting with the right co-founders to partner with alongside.


What are the criteria to be accepted?
The selection process takes a holistic view – founders go through a highly competitive selection process which includes interviews and hackathons assessing leadership potential, drive, problem solving capabilities and technical expertise. 


Part of the Antler program is to help participants find the right co-founders. Can we still apply as a team that is ready to work together?
Yes – you can still join us even if you already have a team. You should apply individually and mention your team in the application. However, we encourage all founders to keep an open mind during the program and consider the opportunity to work with other innovators that they will get to know through the program.

Do I need to have an idea to apply?
No, you don’t, but most founders do. You should, however, need to have an idea of the industry or technology you would like to work within.

We have already raised funding. Can we still apply?
Yes, you can still apply. Most companies are founded during the program, but great founders with an existing business in the early stages will be accepted.

Can I apply to multiple regions at the same time?
Yes – you can apply to any region and you can apply to multiple regions using the same application form.


When will I hear back regarding my application?
You will hear back from us within four weeks regarding your application. We will then let you know if you move to the next stage in the selection process and you will receive additional information.



What kind of companies do participants build?
Participants build a wide range of companies across industries. Most companies are tech-based, e.g. utilizing blockchain technology, machine learning, IoT, etc. Industries include Healthcare, Fintech, Real Estate, etc. We are interested in supporting innovators with grand ideas for companies that have the opportunity to change the world.

Is Antler an accelerator?
No – At Antler, we identify talent and help them succeed in founding and scaling great companies. We help companies from day 0 – before the company is founded. Accelerator programs support companies that are already established. Participants in our program have the opportunity to join accelerator programs after graduating from our program – Antler and accelerator programs are not mutually exclusive.

What happens after the program? Do participants receive any support?
Yes – Antler continues to support companies after the program. We have an interest in creating successful companies with our innovators. We’ll continue to support companies with our advisory network, investor contacts and company partnerships. In addition, program alumni have the opportunity to use tech, admin and, recruiting resources offered by Antler at cost.


When does the first program start, and where?
Our first program launches in Singapore in the summer of 2018. Exact starting date and application deadline will be announced closer to launch, but you can already submit your application.



Does Antler provide office space? 
Yes, all founders accepted into our program receive office space for the entire program.


Do I have to move to the location where the program is situated?
No – we’re flexible and want talent to choose for themselves where they want to work once their companies are established. However, for the first stage of the program, where founders evaluate different co-founding teams and ideas, they will need to be based in the location where the program is held. 


Will Antler help me with my visa/work permit approval application?
Our legal team will assist participants to process their visa/work permit applications for approval. 



We don’t need funding, however, can we still get your advice?
Unfortunately, we can’t get back to all requests. You are welcome to contact us at hello@antler.co; we’ll do our best to respond to your queries.


Can we meet with you?
Meeting with the Antler team prior to sending your application will not increase the chances of success. During the selection process, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet with the team, through interviews, hackathons and other assessments that will be held in-person at one of our locations.


Can someone in Antler review my startup idea?
Unfortunately, we can’t get back to all requests. You are welcome to contact us at hello@antler.co; we’ll do our best to respond to your queries.


Are you hiring people for the Antler team that runs the program?
Yes! We’re expanding rapidly and looking to grow our team. Please reach out to careers@antler.co; we’ll get connected.


Do you offer internships?
Yes – we do offer internships. Please send us an email at careers@antler.co; we’ll get connected.