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Have you led engineering teams? Or, are you a Machine Learning, Blockchain or AI expert?


Antler turns proven CTOs and lead engineers into amazing business leaders. We provide the funding, co-founders, and mentoring you need to build your next business. Join 100 other entrepreneurs in Singapore January 2019 to build Asia’s next unicorn.

What is Antler?

Antler is a startup generator that turns talent into great founders of great companies. We provide funding from day one and support founders building fast-growing businesses they will own and run. We select the most passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, help them find the right co-founders and connect them to a global mentor network



  1. Jun to Dec 2018 — Recruiting
    Recruitment of exceptional founders to join Antler

  2. Jan 2019 — Program Start + Team Formation
    Teams form with complimentary skills and diverse ideas

  3. Jan to Feb 2019 — Ideation
    Conceptualization and validation of ideas

  4. Mar 2019 — Investment
    We invest in the best teams with validated ideas

  5. Mar to Jun 2019 — Company Building
    Launch and iterate on product offering

  6. Jun 2019 — Demo day
    Pitch to external investors

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Who are we looking for?

Drive. We are looking for people who will run to the ends of the world to achieve their goals. Your resilience and ability to fail, learn and bounce back is a key determinant of success.

Problem-solving skills. We look for those who have a unique and very creative way to approach the problems they see around them.

A clear spike. We look for individuals with a clear spike or deep expertise in their fields of work, be it in research or in a specific industry.

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