First Antler cohort is officially LIVE

After months of preparation, the first Antler cohort is finally in full force in Singapore. It has been an intensive 120 hours as we introduced our 62 founders to the program, each other, and ran through key topics and exercises that broke down barriers in getting to know each other. Lots of laughter, chatter and hard work ensued. Here, we’ve put together a little roundup of our first-ever week!

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Inside Scoop: What we learnt at TIA 2018

Find out more about the interesting and innovative startups, and key trends cited at this year’s Tech in Asia 2018. Magnus Grimeland also highlights the 2nd day as he shares his thoughts on what makes a great founder, alongside some other truly inspiring founders and investors.

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Stop dreaming, start building

Every day, new products and services are launched to make people’s life easier, better or just more fun. We live in an amazing time, where technology is getting more accessible and more and more people get connected.

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What makes a great founder?

Identifying talent is not easy; however, in saying this, specific attributes have been defined that make a person more likely to be a great founder. Academic research, coupled with the experience of startup investors and founding teams, point to a set of critical traits and skills that great founders should comprise.

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