Enabling great founders

Antler is a startup generator and early-stage VC that turns the world's top talent into great founders of great companies.

The right co-founder

The right co-founder

Access to funding

Access to funding

Global mentor network

Global mentor network


Antler provides funding from day one and supports founders in building fast-growing businesses they will own and run. We select the most passionate, aspiring entrepreneurs, help them find the right co-founders and connect them to a global mentor network

Apply as an individual, not a team, and we will assess you based on your individual skills. You may or may not have a business idea and that’s fine. As long as you are open for feedback and to refine your problem statement along the way.

We provide office space, hands-on coaching, access to experienced venture partners, mentors and more. We're here to help you focus on what founders do best - spending time with customers and building an amazing product and team. 

Ultimately, it’s your company and we’re here to help you get things off the ground. 

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1. Program Kick Off

When joining the Antler program, you spend the first weeks in rotation over a series of activities designed to help evaluate skill sets, cultural fit and working styles in fast-paced, high pressure situations. This is done for you to better understand who are the ideal co-founders for you.


2. Team and idea validation (2 months)

Following the program kick-off, you focus on team and idea validation. In this period we all work together rigorously to identify the right team-fit and the right business model fit to set you up for success. To enable everyone to focus full-time on building their next business, all participants are given a monthly grant during this period. All participants work from our offices during this time. 


3. Company Building (3 months)

The best business ideas receive an Antler investment and further support, in exchange for a small equity stake. At this stage, the companies start scaling their concepts - the focus is on proving the potential and the viability of the idea. All companies have access to office space through Antler during this time. Participants that do not get an Antler investment will still have access to our alumni network, offering a range of job opportunities in startups through our existing Antler portfolio companies and our wider network of global partners companies.


4. Demo day

At the end of the five-month program, companies have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a select group of investors through our Demo Day. All our portfolio companies continue to receive advice and support through network introductions after the program ends.